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2nd Place for GMU's SPARX Patriot Pilots in 99++ LuftBalloons April 2021

November 25th, 2022
After a strong performance in the previous 99++ LuftBalloons Event, GMU's Patriot Pilots were back in action making massive improvements to their blimps. The most noticeable one being the switch of actuators from 1S brushed system to 2S brushless system.

In the league stage, GMU put in a strong performance scoring a mammoth total of 107 goals which is the most scored by any team in the competition out of which over 75 were scored by just one of their pilots. This performance put them in the finals again facing off against their rivals for the previous 2020 finals again the Penn State. After a fierce battle again the final total ended up at 39-37 in favour of Penn State ARL which made GMU second-best yet again.